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Not Only Is Lourdes Leon A Fashion Designer But She's Also Creating Her Own Vocabulary!

Wed, October 20, 2010 8:30am EDT by Add first Comment

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is back to blogging and back to school. But maybe the 14-year-old should spend a little more time in grammar class. What do you think?

Check it out, HollyMomsLourdes Leon has updated her Material Girl blog. And we’ve learned lots of new fun facts about the 14-year-old. Did you know that her iPod is loaded with tunes from The Fruit Bats and Feist? And that she went to see the comedy Easy A and gave stars Emma Stone and Stanley Tucci rave reviews. And that she finds the rainy weather that’s been hanging over her hometown of New York City “amazingly DEPRESSOR!!!!”

“It’s like major rainfallness. It sucks. Especially when I walk out my house and I just did my hair and it’s all good and straight and masses of water just splash onto my groomed head. I’m just like SHIZNEZZ!” writes Lola. Did you follow that?

Lourdes is wearing a bracelet that’s been banned in schools

She also gives a shout out to the NYC launch of the Material Girl clothing line that she designed with her famous mom, Madonna. “So umm yeah….. the material girl event was a few weeks ago. REPRESENT!! It was ZORSE (=awesome)!!!!! My friends came to the event, which was really fun. Well first my motta and I walked on this pink carpet for like a zillion years and did a bajillion interviews,” Lourdes writes.

Lourdes’ style is all grown up

We don’t know about you HollyMoms, but we’re going to need a teenager-to-English translation book to keep reading this blog. Do your kids speak in a language all their own? How do you keep up with their conversations? Please share your tips!

–Amy L. Harper