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EXCLUSIVE: Gossip Girl Costume Designer Eric Daman Says He Loves Blake Lively Cause She Has Curves — She's All 'T*ts & A**'!

Wed, October 20, 2010 5:58pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 4 Comments

The man behind the stylish starlet says her hot body and her keen eye for clothing totally sets her apart from her peers — she’s like the Jackie O of our time!

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Blake Lively and her sense of style — contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t have a stylist, but what she does have is the help of super talented costume designer Eric Daman! I was so excited when I saw him at the launch of his collection for Charlotte Russe in NYC on Oct. 18 mainly because I’m obsessed with the looks the girls wear on the show and I wanted to know what he had to say about Blake, her amazing body, and her sense of style of course! Eric said Blake understands clothing in a way most a-listers don’t — she just gets it — and she looks amazing practically every time she steps out! “She’s not an anorexic bitch, she has tits and an ass,” he said. “She knows where the hemline needs to hit, what colors she should wear and about draping,” he said.

While she often looks super sexy, she’s a class act — and that’s what sets her apart! After all, how many actresses can say they scored two Vogue covers in under two years? “She’s not getting out of cars without panties and she rather be home making apple pie, not partying in a limo,” he said. “That’s why Anna [Wintour] likes her. She nailed it [the Vogue covers] and I love being a part of it without having to hold her hand.”

Her sense of style totally sets her apart and being on Gossip Girl is the main reason for it — much like how Sarah Jessica Parker definitely took a cue from her character, Carrie Bradshaw — although Eric says you’re totally wrong for grouping them together! “SJP was so instrumental about clothing and the draping and body parts and Blake is the same exact way, but she’s not Carrie and she’s not SJP,” he said. “Blake is in her 20’s and has a hot body, she’s a teen icon of high fashion and we haven’t really seen something like it, she’s like the Jackie O of her time.”

I’m sure some of you may think Blake throws on a mini like any other star and she isn’t all that special, but between the choices she makes, the designers she wears, and the way she puts her looks together I agree with Eric — in a world where celebs love to run around without bras and dance on tables, it’s rare to see such a sexy, effortlessly chic, classy girl.

Katrina Mitzeliotis