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Bristol 'The Pistol' Palin Admits She's A Bad Dancer: ‘I'm Shocked I Was Saved!’

Wed, October 20, 2010 1:10pm EDT by Russ Weakland 4 Comments

Forget dancing, people love watching a train wreck — and Bristol Palin admits she’s the worst on Dancing with the Stars!

Sanjaya, Kate Gosselin and now, Bristol Palin are all reality television stars that may have stayed on their respective competitions longer than deserved, but America loves to watch train wrecks. Even Bristol the Pistol admits she technically should have gotten the boot from Dancing with the Stars Oct. 19, but she’s embracing her second chance!

“I’m so relieved. It is like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders,” the nervous 20-year-old teen mom told after miraculously being saved, adding, “I was scared and nervous going into the night, but we got through so that’s very exciting … I was definitely surprised and shocked when they said we were safe… with our low scores and stuff, it was pretty stressful.”

Bristol busted out an incredible gorilla suit for her performance Oct. 18 — did we REALLY think she’d be voted off? However, she says she’s ready to lose the gimmicks and step up her technique in the next weeks.

“I’m just so thankful that they kept me another week and they see potential in me obviously,” she explained. “Hopefully I can prove that I can be a performer.”

Can you believe Bristol was saved last night?

Russ Weakland