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WAKE UP, PRESIDENT OBAMA! You Are The Lindsay Lohan Of The Oval Office!

Wed, October 20, 2010 7:36pm EDT by 111 Comments
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Mr. President — I’m a big fan but you are suffering from the same mental disease as Lindsay Lohan — DENIAL!

While virtually the entire Western hemisphere was convinced that Lindsay Lohan was an addict, she stubbornly insisted for years and through endless episodes of partying, DUIs and rehabs, that she had no problem at all. That’s called denial with a capital D!

Well, after two years in office, a crippling recession and massive unemployment, you still think that a depressed and discouraged nation should somehow see that you and the Democrats have done a great job in office?

DENIAL! Are you  so out of touch in the White House/Washington bubble that you really can’t grasp that when millions of people are hurting — they don’t behave rationally.

They won’t applaud lofty legislature accomplishments like health care or big money programs like the stimulus package, when their lives have just kept getting lousier and lousier.

You told New York Times writer Peter Baker, in a recent interview, that you were “going to do the right thing, even if short-term it was unpopular.”

By that, I believe you meant that you were determined to get health care reform passed, because millions of Americans were desperate  for insurance, which they were,  and that you would escalate the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

Personally, I applaud your persistance on a national healthcare plan and I’m  thrilled that we now have it BUT your big mistake, Mr. President, is that ALL your attention appeared to be hijacked by healthcare and you forgot to have a LASER-SHARP focus as well on JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

Like Lindsay Lohan you’ve been in denial about what people have been and are still are  MOST obsessed about — it’s the economy and jobs, stupid!

I think the fact that your personal economic situation is so good has blurred the neediness of  the real world from reaching your brain. You, Michelle and the family, have NOT been amidst real folks for quite some time now. The proceeds from your books have enabled the First Lady to dress beautifully in American designer clothes (which is great) , Sasha and Malia to go to private school, and the family to take expensive, highly-publicized, personal vacations in California and Spain, this past summer.

You are not suffering like the 15 million jobless or the millions more who are underemployed, have given up job hunting or who have lost their homes.

You deserve your wealth and your lifestyle — you worked hard for it, BUT I do believe it has enabled your DENIAL of what life is now like for HUGE numbers of Americans. The same thing happened to our previous President George Bush. His personal wealth and the wealth of his highly placed  pals inoculated him from the very real hardships faced by ordinary Americans.

If you truly felt the pain of middle and working-class American people, then maybe you wouldn’t be in denial about the ability of average Joannas and Joes to somehow see through the fog and “get “that you’ve gotten “the policy right,” even if you haven’t gotten “the politics right.”

You’re in denial! Sadly but understandably , no one sees straight when they’re terrified and can barely pay the rent or the mortgage. People in panic are just not as logical – like it or not!

Lindsay Lohan went to jail and court-ordered rehab and was still in denial!

I fear that you will go through mid-term elections and be sentenced to losing the Democratic majority in Congress and you’ll still be in denial.

Only when you start talking the talk and walking the walk — preaching JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! every single day, all day. And when you get serious about policies that create real jobs, will you leave denial behind.

The big question is: Will it be you, Mr. President, or Lindsay Lohan, who conquers denial first?

–Bonnie Fuller


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