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SO SAD! 'Teen Mom' Boyfriend Gary Keeps Crawling Back To Abusive Amber — And We Know Why!

Tue, October 19, 2010 7:55pm EDT by 2 Comments

We feel so badly for Gary! No matter how mean Amber is to him, he always comes back with his tail between his legs — and an expert tells us he’s stuck in a classical abuse cycle!

Amber Portwood is exceedingly awful to her baby daddy and long-time boyfriend, Gary Shirley — however, a new report from claims the whipped lover is still raving about Amber and even calls her a “great mother.”

Meanwhile, has confirmed the couple has even spent the last few weeks on vacation together, and was most recently in Florida with their daughter, Leah. It looks Gary is sticking it out — despite the public humiliation from Amber dating another man in one episode to her hitting him in another.

What kind of person would stick up for someone that has continually insulted & belittled him on national TV and even got punched in the head by the alleged perpetrator? Our expert, Dr. Julie Armstrong says Gary is acting like a typical victim of domestic abuse.

“This is the classic domestic violence cycle. The abuser controls by abusing verbally and physically. It’s very hard for the victim to get out of this cycle.”

For now, everything may be peaches and cream, but it will only last “until she explodes again,” Dr. Armstrong warns.  “Then she’ll eventually snap & immasculate him again, these relations are governed by a power dynamic, where one person has more power and the other person doesn’t so they take the love that they can get.”

On top of what sure seems like flat out domestic abuse, Gary probably has low self esteem to boot, Dr. Julie says. “He already has low self esteem,” she explains. “Another way to think about this is she is bullying him and as the victim, mentality & he takes it.”

However, there IS hope for Gary. Because this has all played out so publicly, Dr. Julie says it will be difficult for Gary not to look at the situation critically, whereas the typical domestic violence victims hide the situation away like a dirty little secret.

Do YOU think Gary should keep forgiving Amber, or should he be done with her once and for all?

–Jessica Finn