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HollyMoms, We Watched The New Show 'The Talk' So That You Don’t Have To!

Mon, October 18, 2010 5:09pm EDT by 2 Comments

The Talk made its premiere on CBS this afternoon. We settled in to watch the ladies dish the dirt on motherhood and parenting, but were left disappointed.

CBS’ new hour-long chat show The Talk (which premiered today) is certainly not The View 2.0. Sure, the show starts with a lot of famous faces as hosts — Julie Chen, Leah Remini, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete and Sara Gilbert — sitting around a table (which is actually distracting because the table is a tad too high so it cuts their bodies off at an unflattering angle and seeing their legs below the table is equally distracting) but that’s where the similarities with Barbara Walters’ show end.

On The View, the women have real chemistry with each other and they’re certainly not afraid to speak their minds or even walk off the set when they disagree with a guest. The women of The Talk are all mothers, but they don’t seem comfortable enough with each other to truly disagree — perhaps that’s only because it was their first show.

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Strangely enough the topic that got the most reaction out of the ladies as well as the audience occurred during a discussion on the proper age to start talking to kids about sex. While experts informed their “reporter on the streets” Marissa Jaret Winokur, 37, that she should be using the proper anatomy terms when talking to her son, Zev, 2, she decided that it was just too creepy a conversation to have with her toddler.

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Leah, 40, didn’t like the expert’s advice either and admitted that she refers to her 6-year-old daughter Sofia’s privates as her “cupcake.” That’s when the audience went wild. Apparently, it is not OK to refer to a body part as a dessert, yet none of the woman, except Holly, 46, seemed to want to use words like penis and vagina around their offspring.

In fact, Julie said that sex education should be taught in schools so that kids can come home with questions. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it, HollyMoms? Just think about all the fun facts they could pick up on the school bus ride home.

What I also noticed is that the women go through the trouble of getting an expert’s opinion, and then completely disregard their advice. I can’t help but wonder, if the hosts don’t care to listen, why should I?

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Former supermodel Christie Brinkley, 56, also stopped by to chat with the women on the couch (after they finally moved away from that horrible table). Besides sharing beauty tips (do squats while blowdrying your hair and eat only organic foods) she discussed the drawbacks that fame has had on her 24-year-old daughter, singer Alexa Ray Joel. “She’s beautiful, gorgeous. Yet she gets picked on because she just doesn’t look like me,” says Christie. I’d like to tell you more about what Christie had to say about Alexa being bullied but Julie, 40, cut her off mid-sentence to go to a commercial break.

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The Talk seems like it should work, but instead, I found that sitting through 60 minutes of their baby babble felt like work – a lot of work. Yes, I took one for the team, HollyMoms. And I suggest that if your kids are down for a nap around the time that The Talk is on, you’ll feel better about yourself if you take a nap yourself instead of tuning into this dull gabfest.

–Amy L. Harper