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Yikes! 'Raising Sextuplets' Dad Bryan Masche Blames Wife Jen For Their Failed Marriage: 'She Is In Love With Someone Else!'

Mon, October 18, 2010 11:02am EDT by 24 Comments

Bryan is saying that Jen has another man in her life and that’s why their marriage is over, yet he’s still absolutely crazy about his wife, announcing on Facebook: “I will Love Jenny Masche to the very last breathe in my lungs!”

They say there are two sides to every story, but has Raising Sextuplets dad Bryan Masche totally lost his mind? Despite being arrested on Sept. 11 for causing a domestic dispute with Jennifer Masche at her parents’ home in Camp Verde, AZ, it appears that Bryan is now blaming his wife for their failed marriage. Why? He believes that “SHE is in love with someone else,” he writes on his Facebook page!

Bryan & Jennifer Masche will not be filming another episode of Raising Sextuplets!

Bryan posted several TMI updates on his Facebook account over the weekend, and it’s clear that his emotions are in turmoil. At times he was accusatory towards his wife, blaming her for their failed marriage, and claiming that she had refused to attend counseling in a bid to save their relationship. “My wife is a christian and has made Absolutely no attempt ¡ marriage counseling 4 real not the crap from the show. She has done nothing 2 save this marriage. I wonder why……?,” Bryan writes. “She doesnt even believe in the bible anymore based off her actions.”

But he also owned up to his own failings, saying, “I take complete responsibilty for any emotional hurt i have caused my wife i have voluntarily been in counseling 4 month,” Bryan says.

But he told his Facebook friends that there appears to be no turning back for the parents of 3-year-old sextuplets. “its over,” he says. “we worked out all the details of assets, debts, liabilities, custody everything. She filed legal sep n when the time is up it Converts 2 a divorce.”

Bryan Masche doesn’t want to be like Jon Gosselin — he wants his wife back!

But even though Bryan is convinced that Jenny has another man, he refuses to let go her go. “I will Love Jenny Masche to the very last breathe in my lungs and will not take this ring off my left finger until the 3rd strike is called,” he says. “She was the greatest gift God ever gave me and I made terrible mistakes but we both did and I want nothing but 1 chance left to save this family.”

“She is the most incredibly strong and Godly woman I have ever know and discipled me to Jesus Christ, just as I trust he will raise me from the dead,” he writes. “I also know that if She chooses he can resurect us. Like Yogi Berra said it aint over until its over…..”

Shocking details of Bryan Masche’s arrest!

Wow! Does Bryan have any clue what he’s saying? He sounds completely mixed up and confused!

And if what he’s saying about Jenny having another man in her life is true, well, we can’t really blame her! Why would she want to stay with someone who’s this crazy, anyway? It wouldn’t be good for her mental health or that of their six kids, Bailey, Blake, Cole, Grant, Molli and Savannah.

“The problem with love is that pain can only come from the lack of things that you love the most,” Bryan says. We’re not quite sure what he means, but we think Bryan (who says he’s planning to study law) could have a future writing the predictions that go into fortune cookies!

–Lindsey DiMattina