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LISTEN TO THIS! How Cool – Ke$ha's New Song 'We R Who We R' Was Written In Wake Of Bullying… She Wants To Inspire Teens To Be Proud Of Themselves!

Fri, October 15, 2010 7:49pm EDT by Russ Weakland 2 Comments
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In her new single, “We R Who We R,” Ke$ha brings her super fun party sound to actually tell a message about the recent bullying that has struck us all in America.

Clearly Ke$ha been inspired by the recent outrage of bullying and wants everyone to know everything will be OK — her new song, “We R Who We R” is an anthem to teens to stand proud.

“Tonight we’re going hard just like the world is ours, we’re tearin’ it apart. You know we’re superstars, we are who we are!” Ke$ha, 22, sings in the upbeat electronic dance pop song.

Ke$ha has said she wants to empower teens to feel comfortable about who they are and celebrate themselves, and her new single does exactly that!

In addition to it’s social conscious message, “We R Who We R” has a great beat and is super catchy — we can’t wait to hear it in the clubs this weekend!

Russ Weakland