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'Sister Wives' Recap — Child 13 Is Born & Meri Has A Meltdown; I Wonder Which Of The 4 Families Kody Has On His Health Insurance Plan?

Sun, October 10, 2010 10:59pm EDT by 6 Comments
Courtesy of TLC

Courtesy of TLC

As the show progresses it becomes clear we are not going to be learning anything about polygamy from this show at all, though we did get a peek at Meri and Kody’s thirtieth anniversary, and have been far, far better off watching ‘Big Love’ on HBO all along!

While the topic of polygamy is obviously a hotbed issue for certain people, it is safe to assume that those tuning into a show dealing with the practice are at least accepting of it enough to want to learn more and be educated. Six episodes in, all that Sister Wives has taught us is that the wives really enjoy having tons of kids running around and help from other female adults. Oh, and sometimes get jealous. Really guys? We’re not going to be delving any deeper?

The show missed a huge opportunity this week with the birth of child 13. How is the hospital stay covered, how does insurance work, heck, how do the taxes work for the families? Are they all separate? Are any combined? Have they formed some sort of corporation? We have no idea — but we did get to see five minutes of children playing with toys. So, um, thanks for that.

I especially want to hear more from Meri, Kody Brown‘s first wife. Something about the way she behaves and the fact that she did wed him first makes it seems as if she has far more of a story to share. We got a brief glimpse of it in the second episode of the evening when she said she felt that her husband doesn’t understand her and then … nothing. Can we ditch the other 20 family members and do a show with just Meri?

For such a taboo subject that seems to only come to light at its most horrifying, you would think the Brown family and TLC would want to go a little deeper than just showing how much fun the family always seems to be having and the more trivial challenges the family deals with. I understand the desire to want to show the Brown family is no different than any other but, in actuality, the very reason they have this show is because they are in fact “different.”

Almost every viewer could be learning so much from this show and instead it is as if we are being forced to sit on a stranger’s couch as they flip through their family photo album week after week.

At least Big Love will be back soon on HBO. It seems conducive to the way television is these days that an intelligent and well-written drama is far more educational than an actual “reality” show.

-Chris Spargo