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Attention, Pregnant Women: Doctors Want You To Get Your Flu Shot In Order To Protect Your Baby!

Wed, October 6, 2010 1:19pm EDT by Add first Comment

A new study shows that getting a flu shot while you’re pregnant will help your child fight off the virus once he or she is born.

No one wants their newborn child to deal with the flu, which is why the best way to fight it appears to be you getting a flu shot while you’re still pregnant. A recent study reveals that, while infants receive certain antibodies against the virus from their mothers, their resistance against catching the flu gets a huge increase if Mom had a flu shot. The numbers are pretty astounding: babies whose mothers were vaccinated during pregnancy had a 41 percent lower risk of catching the flu and a 39 percent lower risk of being hospitalized for flu-like illnesses than babies whose mothers were not vaccinated.

A very interesting point in the study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, was that the authors of the study suggest that pregnant moms should get the shots, first and foremost, for their own safety. Complications from the flu can be life-threatening, especially in the third trimester.

The long and short of it, say the researchers who conducted the study, is that the rate of flu vaccinations among pregnant women is far too low. “Maternal influenza vaccination targets two high-risk groups with one vaccine dose,” they write in their findings. “We can’t afford not to act.”

–Roger Singer