Happy Birthday Amy Jo Johnson! You're 40 Today, October 6th!

Wed, October 6, 2010 8:30am EDT by Add first Comment

You will have a lot of exciting and unexpected things to look forward to!

Amy, you will always be the Pink Power Ranger and be able to get through anything! Your family and friends may need you this year and you will be the first one there to support them because they always know they can count on you. Astrology.com has all the details.

Happy birthday, Amy Jo Johnson! With a Capricorn ascendant, excellence is always your guiding principle, whether it’s in your past career as a world-class gymnast or your current one as an actress. You’re certainly one of a kind with a Uranus-Sun conjunction, and this year will be all about showcasing your unique spirit! Don’t be afraid to go your own way, even if it flies in the face of industry expectations.