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EXCLUSIVE! Inside Secrets Of The 'Sister Wives' — How They Make It Work In A Family Of 20!

Tue, October 5, 2010 5:29pm EDT by 5 Comments

Most Americans couldn’t imagine living with and supporting three spouses, a fiancée and 16 children — but somehow polygamist Kody Brown does it with a smile. How can he afford to keep up his multi-marriage lifestyle?

It’s kind of creepy to think about marrying a man who already has three wives and more than dozen children, but somehow Kody Brown and his brood — the stars of TLC’s new reality show Sister Wives — relish their lifestyle. Sources close to the family tell Kody cuts a ton of corners to keep his family living in what appears to be the lap of luxury!

Insiders tell how Kody, 42, has turned to others in the polygamist community for support.

“They all pitch in,” one source spills. “The house isn’t tough to take care of once it’s built since you have three wives and all of the kids. The building supplies are cheap since one of the leaders of the polygamist group 20 miles from where I live owns a lumber place. Their homes aren’t REALLY nice.”

But even if the home’s exterior do serve as a facade for a not-so-nice interior, how do the Browns afford groceries, gas, clothing and other basic necessities?

“They have mostly mini-vans, and the kids start working as young as they can usually 14 to 16 years old,” our insider informs us.

The possibility of adding more children and wives to the brood hasn’t been ruled out, but for now Kody is concentrating on his sales job and heading up Kody Brown Family Entertainment.

— Aimee Curran