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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Does Playing Hard To Get — Like K-Stew Did With Rob — Keep Your Boyfriend Devoted Once He Has you?

Tue, October 5, 2010 10:19am EDT by 15 Comments

Kristen Stewart seriously made Robert Pattinson WORK to become her BF. But now that the two are together, is her aloof act still as effectively keeping his interest?

We all know that the key to winning a guy’s heart isn’t by being completely perfect looking, having a ton of money or even an Albert Einstein-esque IQ. Nope, what really seals the deal for a guy is when you “just aren’t that in to him.” It’s a challenge,  a dare. If you aren’t all over him, he’s going to chase you — and want you all the more.

Such is the case for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. After meeting on the set of Twilight in 2008, the two realized they were into each other — but K-Stew, now 20, had a pesky boyfriend, Michael Angarano, to deal with. Although Kristen reportedly broke up with Michael in January of 2009 — just two months before filming Twilight Saga: New Moon — she and Rob did not start seriously dating until AFTER that film wrapped, and didn’t become a couple until the production of Twilight Saga: Eclipse began in August of that year. Essentially, she made him wait a LONG time.

But does playing hard to get in the beginning guarantee that your relationship will last? Yes and no. In the case of Rob and Kristen, he clearly cherishes her, and sees her as something of value — especially as it took this beautiful boy (who has no problems getting ladies, I’m sure) so long to win her heart. The downside of this is that Kristen can never really be too gushy, too effusive. She has to keep him on his toes, always have the upper hand.

Given K-Stew’s notoriously cool as a cucumber personality, I’m sure this isn’t much of a problem for her. But for the rest of us — God, that sounds completely exhausting! At some point in a relationship, we yearn for things to be equal, to love one another the same amount and to not have to play a semi-game of cat and mouse.

If Kristen doesn’t mind the power struggle, good for her — she’ll always have her man (as evidenced by their two romantic dates in two days this week). But personally, I want a partner — not a puppy dog.


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