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CHRIS SAYS : Forget The Singing & Dancing, This Was One Of The Best Episodes Of 'Glee' Yet!

Tue, October 5, 2010 9:08pm EDT by 11 Comments
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It turns out ‘Glee’ can be just as great without the song and dance! If anything, those portions were the worst parts of the ‘Grilled Cheesus’ episode!

Before we get too far, I must start by saying that perhaps the best scene in Glee‘s one and barely a quarter seasons is Kurt (Chris Colfer) singing “I Want To Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles to his father in flashbacks. Beyond that, however, I would have much rather seen more amazing acting from Chris, Mike O’Malley, Jayma Mays, and, above all else, Jane Lynch, than meaningless songs from Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and the rest of the glee club on the at times lackluster, Oct. 5 episode!

So where to begin? Mike O’Malley has always been the MVP of Glee (way to screw that one up Emmy voters), even if he only shows up every few episodes. His first scene with his son Kurt was amazing and poignant and, as always, one of the few moments that based the show in some sort of reality. This set up the religious theme nicely — far better than the stupid and ridiculous “Grilled Cheesus” premise — and when Kurt sat down with Sue Sylvester, I got angry the show was making a joke of everything. But boy, was I wrong!

Seeing the scene between Jayma and Jane in Sue’s office was one of the highlight’s of the episode. It showed us that Jayma does have an ability to do more than speak in a helium voice and appear removed — and most importantly, it finally, FINALLY, gave us a chance to see Sue Sylvester reveal herself to someone!

The one major problem I do have with the episode is that it still seemed to send home the idea that believing in a higher power is better than NOT believing in a higher power. However, for a show that has worked so hard, and so effectively, at helping teens be themselves through the characters it presents, it would have been nice to let Kurt simply be someone who just didn’t believe in God.

What did you think of last night’s episode, HollywoodLifers? And also, how much have you missed Amber Riley‘s insane voice? No one has anything on that girl’s version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water!”

-Chris Spargo

P.S. — If Mike O’Malley is indeed dead, it is the absolute worst decision the producers and everyone involved in this show has ever made. I’m just sayin’….

P.P.S. — Where is Charice? Was she one episode and gone?