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DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT? Would YOU Vote For El Donaldo If He Ran For Prez in 2012?

Tue, October 5, 2010 10:05am EDT by Chloe Melas 11 Comments
Getty Images

The Donald has been appearing on various news networks saying he could run on the GOP ticket in 2012 — hey, if Ahnuld and Ronnie Reagan can do it, why not Trump?

Will Donald Trump be the 45th President of the United States? It seems the real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice creator wants to do more than just dominate the luxury housing market, he wants to take over the world!

The 64-year-old Wharton School graduate went on Fox and Friends and CNN Oct. 4, to say he is seriously thinking about “making a run for the president,” due to the economic turmoil he believes our country is in.

“If this country keeps going in the direction financially that we are going in, it will be about 10-12 years before China overtakes us.”

(Never mind that Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy three times.)

This all came about when New Hampshire residents were randomly polled about possible 2012 Republican candidates, 30 questions were asked about Donald Trump. When CNN’s Ali Velshi asked Donald why his name would be included in such a poll, the hardcore Republican scoffed but said he could see why they would include his name.

“I really like the people of New Hampshire because they are strong people, they are intelligent people,” he said. “They know what’s happening to this country is wrong. So I can understand why I did well in a poll.”

If Donald became the next POTUS, do you think he’d go around telling everyone “You’re fired!”

— Chloe Melas