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Boy Rescued From Inside Toy Vending Machine — Is This One Of Your Worst Nightmares, HollyMoms?

Tue, October 5, 2010 1:04pm EDT by 6 Comments

How many times is this going to happen before they redesign these machines? Check out this crazy video!

Let’s get this straight. Kids are little. They are also obsessed with toys. So what’s a kid to do when he sees a vending machine full of colorful toys and a one-foot-wide hole at the bottom of that box of goodness? If Mom isn’t watching, he’s going to crawl inside, of course! And that’s just what happened at a Wal-Mart in Wisconsin on Sunday (Oct. 3).

Firefighters say they have no idea how the 9-year-old boy got inside the toy vending machine, but he seemed to be in no hurry to scurry back out.

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“We actually tried to get his attention a few times ’cause he was playing, so I mean he was happy to be in there, but I don’t think Mom and Dad were too happy,” said Lt. Dan Cotte of Sun Prairie Fire Department, near Madison, Wis.

Mom Jennifer Hanson said, “He just crawled in there. He wanted the toys. Well, I didn’t know until I went to get him that he was inside the machine.” But what distracted her so much at the Wal-Mart that she didn’t notice that her son wasn’t by her side and was inside a giant toy box? Was there a sale on cheese?

When firefighters finally managed to convince the boy to crawl out of his personal playpen, he fared better than most kids who try to score a toy from the vending machine using a giant claw — he went home with two toys! I hope a severe reprimand and a time out followed when he got home!

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While there is no video of the boy inside the machine, there’s proof that this happens all the time. Here’s a video of a little girl who crawled into a similar machine back in 2008. It looks way too easy! And potentially dangerous!

So, toy vending machine manufacturers, when are you doing to redesign the drop slots so that they’re not so large that a curious kid can climb inside?

–Kathy Campbell