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Super Busy Mom Jennifer Lopez Has Another New Project — About The Secret Lives of Nannies

Sat, October 2, 2010 8:32am EDT by Add first Comment

As if Jennifer Lopez didn’t already have enough on her plate being a judge on American Idol, she’s producing a new television show about Latina nannies in Los Angeles.

Multitasking mommy Jennifer Lopez is producing a new show for ABC — a one-hour long dramedy that will “center on three branches of an extended Los Angeles family — as told through the eyes of their three Latina nannies,” according to Variety.

Jennifer has a lot of experience with nannies. She has hired several over the past couple of years to take care of twins Max and Emme, 2, despite insisting early on that she could do it all on her own.

“I did it for a long time but we started using a nanny a few weeks ago,” she admitted when the twins were 7 months old. “[Most days] I get up early with them. Then, when the nanny comes, I can take a shower and give them their breakfast. She’s there to help me get things done. I try to spend every free moment with the babies.”

What do you think? Is Jennifer, who said she was happy about moving to LA to do Idol because it meant she could spend more time with her kids, taking on too much  or is she a great example of a modern working mom?