EXCLUSIVE LISTEN! Katherine Heigl's Husband Josh Kelley Sings His New Song For Their Daughter To HollyBaby!

Fri, October 1, 2010 1:14pm EST by Add first Comment

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Last night, Sept. 30, at the premiere of Katherine’s new big movie Life As We Know It, HollyBaby.com caught up with her hubby Josh and he sang his new song that he wrote for their daughter Naleigh for us! LISTEN BELOW!

What a good daddy Josh Kelley is to his 24-month-old baby girl Naleigh! The 30-year-old singer loves his daughter so much that he wrote a special song dedicated to her that will be featured on his upcoming album. And Josh is such a sweetheart that he happily shared a snipped of his song, called “Naleigh Moon,” with HollyBaby.com at the NYC premiere for his wife Katherine Heigl‘s new movie Life As We Know It!

Here are the lyrics that he sang for us (scroll down to listen to it): “Half way around my little world, you had no idea that you were my girl / You found my arms not a moment too soon / I couldn’t see past me until I saw you / My sweet Naleigh Moon.”

Aww! Besides writing a song specifically for Naleigh, he actually sings funny tunes to her on a daily basis. “I play rough with her,” Josh shared. “I make up little songs for her all the time. The tuna-mac salad song, the grasshopper who eats guacamole. This crazy stuff!”

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Like many daddies, Josh loves to be the parent that spoils his child. “Katherine’s definitely the tough parent,” Josh laughed. “We’re both very strict parents, but I’m the dad and little girls love their daddies. I spoil her. But Katie’s very good with a very strict schedule. We stay on that schedule and ends up making [Naleigh] a lot happier.”

Katherine has high expectations for her daughter!

“The midday nap is huge,” Josh continued. “It’s the biggest thing ever and, oh my gosh, she’s an awesome kid when she’s had her midday nap.” “Keep her well fed, keep her happy and keep her nappin” is Josh’s philosophy!

“I wouldn’t give her sugar forever,” Josh added. “But then I think Katie gave her something one day and she was bouncing off the walls. I was like, ‘Here we go, you just introduced that!'”

With or without sugar, Naleigh is a happy kid. “She’s running, she’s doing her things. She’s an awesome kid,” Josh said proudly. “She’s talking. She’s really smart. She’s got the same milestones any other kid goes through!”

Naleigh finally says “Mama!”

Josh and Katherine, who  adopted Naleigh in Sept. 2009, are definitely ready to have another child. “I don’t know what we are going to do [adopt or not], but we definitely are going to give her a little buddy to grow up with,” Josh said. “We have a girl. I wouldn’t mind having a little golfer … I have not idea — whether we try to have kids or we adopt the kid, you don’t really choose.”

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–Lindsey DiMattina

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