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Bonnie Says: The Sister Wives AND Polygamist Husband Kody Brown Are Being Emotionally Abusive to Their 16 Kids!

Thu, September 30, 2010 6:44pm EDT by 3 Comments

Kody Brown and his four wives have made a “lifestyle” choice to be a polygamist family, but their 16 children have no choice in the matter and they are innocent victims of this bizarre arrangement.

No matter how “awesome,” Kody believes his family is, it’s NOT an awesome situation for his children.

First of all, no matter how protected the Brown family is in their enclave in Lehi, Utah, they are still part of a larger world, here in the U.S. and 99.9999% of the children in this country are not growing up in polygamist families. It’s in no way a normal arrangement in our society and one day, those children will grow up and have to adjust to the North American culture, in order to have fully functional lives.

Shouldn’t they have the opportunity to go to college, have professions and romantic relationships?

Won’t it be hard to make the adjustment to the “outside” world and its norms when they’ve been raised in a “cultist” environment? Or are they going to be consigned to only having friendships and romantic relationships with other members of their small polygamist sect? Will they ever be able to go away to college to fully educate themselves and if they do, how will they explain their “family.”

Kody Brown–country’s biggest conman and bad dad!

Teenagers and young adults are infamously embarrassed about being “different” and “not fitting in.” Will they be able to “fit in” outside their home and polygamist community?

Isn’t it emotionally abusive to deliberately raise 16 children in a manner that will make it difficult to fit in to normal society?

In a more immediate situation — Kody and his wives could face jail time for felony bigamy in the state of Utah. How disastrous would that be for these 16 children to have their parents and security snatched away from them.

Kody and his wives have admitted that they knew they would risk jail time if they went public with the TLC show Sister Wives about their polygamist lifestyle. “When we decided to do this show, we knew there would be risks,” the five parents said in a statement. “But for the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking.”

Even if the Kody Brown is thrown in jail, TLC won’t cancel ‘Sister Wives’!

My question is why was it a risk worth taking for the kids? Was it for the big paycheck? Was it because Kody and his wives are more committed to advocating for polygamy than to protecting their privacy of their children?

Wife #1 Meri, 39, says her 14-year-old daughter definitely doesn’t want a polygamist lifestyle for herself, and who can blame her. But I have to wonder what kind of mother or father wants their daughter to “share” her husband with multiple women?

Or would they want their son to dominate multiple wives — what kind of narcissist would that make him? Oh, yeah, one like this father.

Do you think it’s bad to raise kids in a polygamist family?

In any case, these parents are not doing what’s best for their children — preparing them to live gratifying lives in the real world, and giving them the security they deserve.

What do you think?