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Brooke Burke Went Cold Turkey On The Diapers To Potty Train Her Son! Has That Worked For You?

Thu, September 30, 2010 3:51pm EDT by Add first Comment

The Dancing With the Stars host has been struggling to potty train her 2-year-old son, Shaya. When his teacher suggested she just go cold turkey and stop letting him wear diapers, Brooke was skeptical. But guess what? It worked!

When Brooke Burke sent her 2-year-old son off to school without diapers, she was hoping for the best but expecting the worst. His teacher had suggested the idea because Brooke was struggling to get Shaya toilet trained. “That sounded like an awful lot of work to me but after one week, and several loads of laundry. SHE WAS RIGHT!!!,” Brooke wrote on her Modern Mom blog . “For the first few days I left the house with three changes of clothes, and he needed every bit of them. I almost gave up, and put a diaper back on because it was so much MORE work to go through the transition of wet clothes, car seat, floors, and even wet Mommy. But, we have conquered potty training and now it’s maybe one accident a day.”

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Have you tried the cold turkey approach? How long were you able to do it without getting completely frustrated?

Now that Shaya is almost totally potty trained, like a lot of moms, Brooke, 39, is feeling a little bittersweet about her little boy taking that next step to growing up.

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“I can’t say that I miss the dirty diapers smell, but I do miss knowing that he is still my little baby in diapers,” Brooke wrote.