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'Raising Sextuplets' Dad Bryan Masche Says: No Gosselins Here — I Want My Wife And I To Be Healed!

Wed, September 29, 2010 2:45pm EDT by 1 Comment

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Bryan is pouring out his feelings about his failed marriage and attempts to reconcile with his wife, Jenny, on his Facebook page. But we think he should be talking to Jenny instead!

More than anything, Raising Sextuplets dad Bryan Masche wants his wife Jennifer Masche and their six 3-year olds — Bailey, Blake, Cole, Grant, Molli and Savannah — back in his life. He definitely doesn’t want to wind up divorced like those other parents of sextuplets, Jon and Kate Gosselin. But instead of talking directly to his wife, who filed for legal separation from him on Sept. 17, he has taken to Facebook to admit his fear that Jenny won’t forgive him. Is this the best move?

The couple, who are staying separately at their parents’ Arizona homes, and sharing custody of their three boys and three girls, seem to be trying to reconcile, but Jenny is finding it hard to forgive Bryan for his threatening and abusive behavior.

“I want nothing from this life but my wife n I 2 both be healed n reconciled n 2 raise the kids together.all for the glory of GOD,” Bryan posted on his Facebook on Sept. 29. “No Gosselins here. I am in it 2 win it no matter what it takes.”

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“Praying 4 the holy spirit to come and visit our marriage we r in a pinch,” Bryan continued in one of a series of updates.

“Could it actually be possible that 2 born again Christians both seeking the Lords will still not wind up staying married?” Bryan asked. “I don’t know but this believer wants to hope for the best in all things and that God has a master plan to save my family.”

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But unfortunately, Bryan feels that “Jenny has closed off her heart to me.” Responding to a friend’s post, he said, “I desperatly love my children and want them to be raised in a biological nuclear family but its going to take Jenny wanting this to work out as well as we try to reconcile.”

“U know me i am being maid a villian,” Bryan he told another Facebook friend. “But God knows the truth trust in him.”

But he’s not just throwing a pity party, Bryan admits that he messed up when he was arrested on Sept. 11 on domestic violence charges.

“I luv my wife dearly and are kids but we have both hurt each other for so long emotionally. I have forgiven her n now c the woman i married 7 Years ago but i dont think she wants to put her rocks down.”

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“I need 2 back off n let her leaf bc i have been emotionally abusive,” Bryan admitted. “Pray specifically 4 the holy spirit to interveen n guve jenny a spirit of forgiveness.”

“Its very sad. Seems like jen does not reconcile,” Bryan said. “I have put down alot of hurt. But we need the Holy spirit to intercede in her heart.”

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When asked if he and Jenny were going to reconcile, Bryan responded, “Possibly,” and also stated, “There is so much more to this story then people realize.”

We’re glad that Bryan is admitting that he messed up but should he really be relaying his feelings on Facebook? We bet his pleas would go a lot further if he spoke directly to Jenny!

–Lindsey DiMattina