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Brave Giuliana Rancic Opens Up About The Miscarriage That Left Her Shattered. Would You Be Strong Enough To Speak Out About Losing A Baby?

Wed, September 29, 2010 12:19pm EDT by 1 Comment

Reality TV stars Giuliana and Bill Rancic have always been honest about their struggles to start a family. Just when it looked like their prayers were answered and Giuliana finally got pregnant, a doctor delivered the devastating news – she lost the baby. HollyMoms, can you relate to their heartbreak?

“We were thrilled,” says Bill Rancic about the day that he and wife, Giuliana, found out that they were going to be parents. Like a lot of couples, after two years of trying to conceive naturally, the pair, who wed in 2007, turned to IVF in March. They were super excited when it worked on the first try, especially after doctors urged Giuliana to gain weight so that she could menstruate more regularly. “We went full-throttle. We never thought anything would happen,” says Bill. Can you believe that he even went out and bought a bigger house in the Chicago suburbs to make room for their new baby? The couple was so confident and thrilled about their growing family that they invited the cameras that following them around for their Style Network show, Giuliana & Bill, to record their doctors visits. Would you ever let cameras into such an intimate part of your life?

Unfortunately, the reality TV stars’ joy was short lived. Just nine weeks into the pregnancy, during a routine ultrasound, their worst nightmare became a reality. “We went in and I could just tell something was wrong,” says Giuliana, host of E! News. “There was no fluttering where the heartbeat should be.” “Both of us were in shock. Failure wasn’t an option!” reveals Bill, 39. And like most women who’ve lost a child, Giuliana was angry, confused and devastatingly depressed.  “I was angry at life and angry at God,” she adds.

Experts say Rachel Zoe needs to gain weight if she wants to get pregnant.

So what went wrong? It turns out that the fetus had a chromosomal abnormality, which is actually the cause of about 75 percent of all miscarriages. “You can’t see abnormalities when you implant the embryos, but the body knows, and it miscarries naturally,” their fertility specialist, Dr. Brian Kaplan, tells People. Age also played a part, according to Giuliana, who explains that miscarriage rates climb from 10 to 20 percent by age 35. “At 35, I was considered an older woman,” she says.

IVF doesn’t work for everyone.

At first, she couldn’t fathom going through the painful IVF process again, but eventually Giuliana’s desire to become a mother outweighed her fears and she’s decided to try again. HollyMoms, can you relate to her her determination? “Mentally, it’s a little easier now. You know what you have to go through,” she says adding that she’ll know if she’s pregnant by around Thanksgiving. certainly hopes the couple has a lot to be thankful for this November. But if the $15,000 procedure doesn’t work they’re just going to keep trying until it does. “We know God has a plan for us,” says Giuliana. Baby or no baby, Bill says he couldn’t live without Giuliana. “Anything from here on out is gravy. Whether or not we have a child together doesn’t affect my love for her.”

–Amy L. Harper