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CHRIS SAYS : Step Aside Lea Michele & Charice — Heather Morris Should Be The New Queen Bee Of 'Glee!'

Tue, September 28, 2010 9:33pm EDT by 28 Comments
Courtesy of Fox, Getty Images

After a long, long, long wait, the Britney Spears episode finally arrived — but it was Brittany S. Pierce who stole the show!

Every Glee fan has been waiting forever for the Sept. 28 Britney Spears episode of the show — and not because of Britney. Rather, we would finally have a chance to see fan favorite Brittany get to utter more than a few non sequiturs throughout the episode, and Heather Morris did not disappoint. She is hysterical, she can sing, and, let’s be honest, she can outdance even Ms. Spears herself!

The entire first half of the episode was almost entirely Brittany. We learned she cleans her teeth by swigging Dr. Pepper, thinks the high school newspaper editor’s hair is like a Jewish cloud, and is sick of living her life in the shadaw of that other Britney — as her name is Brittany S. Pierce!

Brittany was able to overcome her Britney-phobia however thanks to the aid of some anesthesia (don’t try this at home kids) from Uncle Jesse himself, Glee‘s new guest star John Stamos. She came back to inform the glee club she was more talented than all of them and would be performing every solo from that point on. Who cares if she thinks Christopher Cross discovered America, this girl was on a mission.

Sadly, Brittany went MIA for the episode’s second half and it showed. Artie singing ‘Stronger” was kind of just weird and all the humor and great dancing was drained out of the episode.

She did return at the end of the episode to announce she would be beginning her solo work on glee club with a Ke$ha song next week — and the producers better follow through with that!

Meanwhile, her dances to “I’m A Slave 4 U” and “Me Against the Music” made them two of Glee’s best songs — ever. And that body! She may be one of the most toned and in shape people I have ever seen in my entire life!

Heather may not have a voice like Lea Michelle or Amber Riley or Charice, but she can outdance and out funny everyone on the cast. And hey, two of of three ain’t bad!

I just applaud Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, for finally giving us the Brittany episode we have all been waiting for! The Britney episode too!

So HollywoodLifers, did you all love Heather as much as me? Should we start her Emmy campaign now?


-Chris Spargo