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LA County Sheriff's Office AND LA Probation Dept. Says Lindsay's New Rehab Facility Must Consult With The Court Before They Take Her!

Mon, September 27, 2010 3:39pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly checking into rehab for the fifth time, but the LA County Sheriff’s office and LA Probation Department warn that she needs to make sure this doesn’t violate the terms of her new probation!

If Lindsay Lohan plans to voluntarily check herself into rehab, she’ll have plenty of explaining to do — to the county sheriff and her probation officer.

Reports surfaced this morning that she is planning to check into a “live-in” facility outside of the LA area, so we wondered how this would work with the new terms of her probation which include “random law enforcement searches.” spoke to the LA County Sheriff’s Office and they tell us that if Lindsay is looking at rehab facilities outside of LA, she needs to make sure to clear it with Judge Patricia M. Schnegg, the judge who overturned Judge Elden Fox‘s ruling of 30 days without bail.

“It would be up to the judge to decide if that’s an appropriate rehab facility and it’s up to the rehab whether they will allow her to leave for her drug testing or if someone from the court will go to her,” says the spokesperson.

Along with random searches, Lindsay is required to wear a SCRAM bracelet [an alcohol monitoring device], she is not allowed into clubs or places that sell primarily alcohol, and Lindsay is forbidden to consort with known drug users.

We also spoke to a spokesperson at the Los Angles County Probation Department, where Lindsay’s probation is being monitored, and they reveal that Lindsay isn’t allowed to just pick a rehab facility at random.

“In LA County you can’t leave the county without permission from your probation officer, that’s generally the way formal probation works,” says an officer at the LA Probation Department. “To leave the state you need a formal letter. On a county level you need the probation officer’s permission. The drug testing can be done by an outside agency, or on occasion it’s sometimes suspended until the program is completed [rehab], or it’s done in house.”

While Lindsay has been out on $300,000 bail, she has spent her time volunteering at a local LA homeless shelter called, The Dream Center. Lindsay showed up with her mom Dina, sister Ali, and business manager Lou Taylor and signed autographs and handed out purses to young girls.

This will be Lindsay’s fifth time in rehab since 2007 and she is expected back in court before Judge Elden Fox Oct. 22.

— Chloe Melas