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UNBELIEVABLE! Lindsay Might NOT Have To Go Back To Jail If She Behaves In Rehab!

Mon, September 27, 2010 2:26pm EDT by 1 Comment

An expert tells us that that Lindsay Lohan most likely won’t spend time behind bars if she “makes dramatic changes” in rehab. Is that right?

Lindsay Lohan’s name might as well be “Houdini.” Despite breaking her parole agreement over and over, the 24-year-old actress was released from jail on bail yet AGAIN Sept. 24 and now has one month to prove to Judge Elden Fox that she doesn’t deserve to do time behind bars. An according to LA-based criminal attorney Steve Cron, her fantasy plan may just become a reality!

“Lindsay has got four weeks to show the judge that his judgment was wrong and that she’s made a change,” Cron tells “Whether that convinces him, I don’t know. He wanted her to spend four weeks in jail, but maybe if she’s made a dramatic change, he’ll keep her out of jail.”

Just what will it take to change the judge’s mind?

“If the program reports that she’s really working hard at this and that she’s really motivated, that might be enough for the judge,” Cron explains. “On the other hand, she’s taking up space and not
trying, then that’s a different story.”

Cron says that Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, should really be drilling her client right now on what needs to happen when she checks into rehab this week.

He adds, “I would be saying to her, ‘Look, if you’re just wasting everyone’s time, then don’t bother. If you’re serious about changing your life, go in there and work hard at the program and maybe the
judge will change his mind.’”

Clearly, rehab hasn’t worked for Lindsay in the past. After all, she’s been there four times! We think she needs to spend some serious time in jail in order to realize that her actions DO have consequences! Do you agree?

–Kirstin Benson