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EXCLUSIVE! Three Recovering Addicts Tell Lindsay What Helped THEM Get Clean & Sober!

Mon, September 27, 2010 6:41pm EDT by Add first Comment consulted with three addicts who have spent time in jail and rehab about what made the biggest difference in their paths to recovery — and shockingly, all three had different suggestions for Lindsay Lohan.

What will it take for Lindsay Lohan to learn? After violating her parole yet again, the 24-year-old actress has been released from jail on bail and is now expected to head back to rehab for the fourth time in three years. It seems like nothing — not even 13 days behind bars and failed movie projects — is helping Lindsay get clean. spoke with three recovering addicts of all ages who have been through jail AND rehab about which consequence made the biggest difference in their lives — plus, what they think will be best for Lindsay.

Source 1: 24-year-old from New Orleans, Louis.

Thoughts: Lindsay needs more time in jail, plus more rehab.

“To me the difference between rehab and jail is like a kid getting a stern warning, or the s*** beat out of them. They say you need to hit rock bottom to chance, and being in jail feels like rock bottom. I’ve been in jail three times for DUIs and parole violation. When you don’t have the ability to leave, that’s a pretty strong situation. There’s no clock on the wall. You don’t know what time it is — it could be 20 hours, it could be five days…there’s no way to tell. Honestly, you should really have both rehab and jail. Rehab helps you work through the issues you come to realize when you’re in a jail cell. I think Lindsay should do more time in jail — rehab isn’t rock bottom…you sit in a pretty little room with five others talking about your problems. “

Source 2: 50-year-old from Los Angeles, Calif.

Thoughts: Lindsay should take advantage of Alcoholics Anonymous

“My rock bottom was continually going to jail over and over again. I went four times. I was counting the minutes. I was counting the freckles on the wall. I’ve been there too many times. I had four DUIs and a probation violation. I didn’t like jail one bit and rehab did nothing for me. Honestly, AA was what helped me. It’s the way you have to go. Rehab is just to introduce you to getting sober. Lindsay should go back to jail because you have to pay your debt to society. It starts the healing process.

Source 3: 38-year-old from Southern Calif.

Thoughts: Jail will only make Lindsay more bitter. She needs rehab.

“Being in jail twice only made me more bitter. I felt like I needed help…not punishment. I still feel that way. It delayed my healing process. Rehab is what helped me work through my issues. Also, I needed to face my problems. Lindsay can’t keep going to jail. She’s already hit rock bottom. How much further does she want to go down? She has people around her telling her she hasn’t. She needs to get space from those people and go to rehab. “

Regardless of the method Lindsay chooses, each of these three prove that recovery from substance abuse is possible — we just pray Lindsay finds her own way!

–Kirstin Benson