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SHOCKING! Check Out Justin Bieber’s Rules — He Has An Allowance, A Curfew & Has To Earn Good Grades!

Mon, September 27, 2010 4:06pm EDT by 3 Comments

It may seem like he has it all, but Justin Bieber still has to follow rules just like any other 16-year-old kid!

Don’t expect to see Justin Bieber behaving like Taylor Momsen or even Miley Cyrus anytime soon! Even though he’s arguably one of the most pined after celebs in the world, the Biebs has to follow a strict set of rules imposed on him from his long-time manager Scooter Braun. From the sound of it, he can’t get away with any shenanigans!

“Scooter has been known to confiscate his young star’s phone and laptop if he breaks the rules: he must get eight hours’ sleep, good grades, and be polite to journalists,” the Daily Mail reports. “Justin’s earnings are in a trust fund that he can’t access until he turns 18; in the meantime, he gets $55 pocket money a day.”

Scooter — who travels with Justin 24/7 — is determined to help raise a responsible young adult…and that means his client has to follow marching orders.

“He is the son I didn’t have. If he has done something wrong, he has to apologize,” he said. “Justin isn’t treated with kid gloves. I’ve sacked people who have pandered to him. He’s a kid. He’s not perfect. You have to set boundaries, consistencies.”

He’s not joking! witnessed Justin’s boundaries first hand. During a performance at Commerce Outlet Mall in Jan., fans tried to give Justin candy, but his management team wouldn’t allow him to have it…they told us sugar makes him too hyper!

We love seeing stars try to stay “normal.” Do YOU think Justin will stay grounded even with all his success?

–Kirstin Benson