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LAURA SAYS: Brittany Jones Is Totally To Blame For The Ashton Kutcher Affair! How Dare She Defy The Girl Code?

Mon, September 27, 2010 5:10pm EDT by 11 Comments
LAURA SAYS: Brittany Jones Is Totally To Blame For The Ashton Kutcher Affair! How Dare She Defy The Girl Code?

In the great debate of who should take the most blame, I pick Brittany. It’s just a given that men are all dogs!

All the evidence is there that Ashton Kutcher DID cheat on his wife (and supposed love of his life) Demi Moore with the younger and WAY less attractive Brittany Jones. Although I do believe that Ashton, 32, IS a scummy, adulterous pig, Brittany is way worse! What ever happened to the “girl code”?

Brittany, 21, needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Yeah, she wanted Ashton. Who wouldn’t? He’s sexy, famous, rich and (supposedly) unattainable. Like the Rolling Stones once said, though, you can’t always get what you want — and she shouldn’t have tried to seduce a married man!

Sure, Ashton may have engaged in some not-so-harmless flirting in the bowling alley — with his wife there. We’ve already established he’s a jerk. But what woman in her right mind would dare to slip him her number with his wife hovering nearby? Gross, sleazy and SLUTTY. “He was just so handsome and nice,” she simpered in her tell-all with Star magazine. Get over it – you’re a slew-bag, Brittany — and you could have picked any of the other million single fish in the sea!

I hate that this girl – who so clearly knew what she was doing – is trying to pretend that she thought they were going to have ‘innocent fun’ although even she admits, “I did all the suggesting in the texts – it’s like he was paranoid and didn’t want to text anything that would get him in trouble. I asked him if he wanted to meet; that’s how we made plans.”

I really hope that the tables are turned on Brittany one day. As much as it sucks to say this, she needs to know what it feels to be the woman that’s stuck at home, always wondering, never knowing for sure that her husband has been unfaithful until she reads about it in a magazine.

“I want my side to get out and for people to to understand that I had real feelings for him and really liked him,” Brittany said. Sure you did. I bet the money you got for telling your story didn’t hurt, either. You know what they say, though, don’t you Brittany? Karma’s a b**ch!


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