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EXCLUSIVE! An Addiction Expert Tells Us Lindsay Lohan Can’t Get Better Yet — 'She Hasn’t Hit Rock Bottom!'

Fri, September 24, 2010 3:15pm EDT by 3 Comments

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Even though Lindsay’ is back in jail yet again, LA-based addiction expert, Dr. Gregory A. Smith, tells she’s not likely to recover until she loses her money, her friends AND her family…how sad!

Poor Lindsay! We keep holding out hope that she’ll bounce back to her former Mean Girl glory days, but even another stint in jail isn’t going to clean up her act, predicts leading Los Angeles-based addiction expert Dr. Gregory A. Smith.

“After jail, I think she should be in a medical rehab where she’s medically detoxed, but she needs to be confronted by a psychologist to see if she’s really at a point that she wants to get clean,” the doctor — who founded the Comprehensive Pain Relief Group – tells us. “If she’s not wanting to stop partying, then she really needs to hit rock bottom first.”

Isn’t a two-time trip to jail and four times in rehab rock bottom enough? We’d say so!

“Jail would be rock bottom for ME, but look what’s happened,” Dr. Smith explained. “She went to jail, but it was almost like a publicity stunt. It’s not like she was doing hard time. I think rock bottom for her is losing friends, money and fame. If she had no movies, she’d have no money — money doesn’t last forever, no matter how much you have.”

Regardless, if the 24-year-old actress doesn’t actually WANT to change, the court is still required to help her.

“When I have patients who aren’t ready, I tell them all the negative things that could happen and that have already happened,” he said, adding, “We still try to help them, but the success rate is low.”

Do YOU think 28 days in jail will help get Lindsay Lohan get clean?

–Kirstin Benson