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Can You Believe The Woman Who Helped Keep Jaycee Dugard Prisoner For 18 Years Is Crying Because Jaycee Hasn't Visited Her In Jail?

Fri, September 24, 2010 8:15am EDT by 4 Comments

Nancy and Philip Garrido were indicted by a grand jury this week for the kidnapping and rape of Jaycee Dugard. In a truly disturbing twist, Nancy’s attorney admits that the woman — who helped her husband keep Jaycee a prisoner for 18 years — is devastated because Jaycee and her daughters haven’t visited her in prison.

HollyMoms, brace yourself for an extremely disturbing update on Phillip and Nancy Garrido. You’ll remember them as the couple that allegedly held Jaycee Dugard prisoner in their Antioch, Calif., backyard for 18 years before authorities discovered and rescued her in August 2009. Now a grand jury has indicted the  couple on kidnapping and rape charges. That’s the good news. The disgusting part is that Nancy’s been crying her eyes out over the fact that neither Jaycee nor her two daughters (who were fathered by Nancy’s husband, Philip, a registered sex offender) have come to visit her in jail, according to her attorney Stephen Tapson. “They’re running out my Kleenex budget. She wants to see the kids and Jaycee,” reveals Tapson.

Of course 30-year-old Jaycee, who is now in the process of trying to regain some sense of normalcy for her and her girls after such a horrific ordeal, has absolutely no interest in seeing her former abuser or his wife ever again. And who can blame her? For her own peace of mind and safety, prosecutors are refusing to tell the Garridos where Jaycee and her girls are currently residing. Jaycee (who the Garridos kidnapped when she was just 11) is making positive progress thanks to therapy sessions and is interested in starting a foundation for other victimized children. “She has a talent for it and she wants to pursue it,” says family spokesperson Nancy Seltzer.

An arraignment is in the works, according to Tapson, who was surprised that his client was indicted. “I had assumed they weren’t going to. I’m surprised they waited so long,” he says adding that he is hoping that if Nancy pleads guilty she will get a softer sentence than life without parole. Personally, we think that for her part in this whole thing, she deserves to be locked up and they should throw away the key! What do you think?

–Amy L. Harper