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LINDSAY LOHAN DRAMA: Here’s What You WON’T See In The Courtroom Tomorrow!

Thu, September 23, 2010 8:30pm EDT by 6 Comments


Unfortunately, cameras are banned from Linday’s courtroom session tomorrow morning — but has all the inside details about what will happen behind the scenes!

The world anxiously tuned into the livestream of Lindsay Lohan’s violation probation hearing over the summer, certain that Hollywood’s hottest mess would go to jail. However, tomorrow’s court date will be a different story entirely! Judge Elden Fox has banned all cameras from his courtroom, so consulted with top LA-based criminal attorney Steve Cron about what our prying eyes will be missing.

“Lindsay’s going to walk into the court and sit in the audience,” Cron said. “At some point, the judge will call the case. She’ll then step up to the counsel table. She’ll be sitting on the right side of the court room with her attorney. The DA will sit on the other side. The judge will say something to the extent of, ‘It’s come to our attention that there are two failed tests.’”

Only then will get interesting. From there, both sides — the D.A. and Lindsay’s attorney — will both recommend the necessary consequences.

“If the judge thinks she’s violating her probation (which she is), one option would be that she is held in custody without bail before her hearing. It’s not a sentencing, but it’s a way that Judge Fox could use to make sure she stays in longer,” Cron said.

If Judge Fox decides to take Lindsay, 24, into custody without bail, she’ll be handcuffed by the bailiff and escorted out of the courtroom.

But can she say anything to plead her case? “What’s she going to say?” Cron wondered. “‘Sorry, judge. This time I really won’t screw up again?’ My bet is that he’ll hold her in custody without bail. She didn’t learn her lesson.”

Do YOU think Lindsay should go back to jail?

–Kirstin Benson