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OMG! Ashton Kutcher's Alleged One Night Stand Brittney Jones Has Naked Photos Floating Around Online!

Thu, September 23, 2010 11:08am EDT by 1 Comment


I’d be surprised if Ashton was actually attracted to this girl — she’s a total mess!

What on earth did Ashton Kutcher, 32, see in 21-year-old Brittney Jones the night he allegedly had a one night stand with her? Not only did he reportedly cheat on his gorgeous wife Demi Moore, 47, with this nobody — but now the girl’s newly discovered promiscuous past makes his move even more questionable. Provocative photos are now circulating of the girl, showing her naked and laying down in different positions on the floor and in the bed of the house she lived in with her ex-boyfriend, reports!

Along with the discovery of the nude photos, a lot more has been learned about Brittney’s troubling past:

“She definitely is a hard partier and always drank a lot,” a source says. “She [also] seems to have fallen out with her mom and sister and just lives off of her boyfriends!”

And according to the source, Brittney has been making the rounds sleeping at different guys’ houses and having them financially support her!

Ashton supposedly met Brittney at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood in July. A few days later, Brittney claimed that Ashton took her back to his house (while Demi wasn’t home) and slept with her.

BFFs, I have to ask — what could Ashton have honestly seen in this girl? She screams total train wreck! Now how could that be attractive?

— Lindsey DiMattina