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Oh-Oh! Marcia Cross' Self-Confessed Lack Of Fashion Sense Is Rubbing Off On Her Twin Girls!

Tue, September 21, 2010 2:46pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment

The Desperate Housewives actress totally admits she can’t pick out a red carpet dress to save her life, but now her little girls are inheriting their mommy’s style — yikes!

Marcia Cross might be a showstopper on red carpets, but the mom of two admits she has zero personal style when she’s not working. The 48-year-old was spotted out leaving a ballet class in LA with her fraternal 3-year-old twin girls, Eden and Savannah on Sept. 19,  and they were all looking… less than chic!

Marcia is honest about her lack of style. “I’m a terrible dresser,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “Everything you see me in is made up from somebody else.”

And while we don’t like to pick on kids, Savannah had on black socks, a matching pink bucket hat, and a blue and green stripped zip-up — basically looking like she got dressed in the dark. But Marcia says there’s a reason for that.

“I have one who will only wear navy blue from head-to-toe — that’s Savannah, who we call Savvy. Socks, underwear, leggings, shirt and navy blue ties in her hair,” she says. “Eden will only wear a green shirt and black pants. It looks like I’m a really boring dresser and I dress my kids that way, but truthfully it was their choice!”

— Chloe Melas