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EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Insider Reveals: She Didn’t Think A Line Of Coke Would Show Up, Didn't Take Rehab Seriously & Drops Friends Who Try To Help Her!

Tue, September 21, 2010 4:40pm EDT by 18 Comments

092110_lohan_teaser_544_XXXX_btn_www.hollywoodlife-9 spoke to a Lindsay Lohan insider, and the revelations are shocking: Lindsay never took her recent rehab stint seriously, she resumed partying after checking out, and she never thought a line of coke would show up in her drug test!

Here’s the inside scoop on Lindsay’s troubled life:
Lindsay Truly Is “Scared Out Of Her Mind” About Going To Jail This Time

“Everything’s caught up to her now,” says the source. “She’s scared out of her mind. She says she has regrets this time [about doing drugs while on probation]. I was shocked she actually said she did have regrets, but she’s finally met her match this time with the court system, because she’s not in control of the situation. She’s being treated like anyone else. I’m sure the judge will be hard on her.”

Lindsay “Didn’t Take Rehab Seriously”

“I visited Lindsay at UCLA [Neuropsychiatric Hospital], and she just didn’t take it seriously,” says the source. “She basically thought the treatment wasn’t as tough as she thought it would be. She was like, ‘whatever,’ about it. I asked her is she thought she had received enough care that [her drug addiction] wouldn’t be a problem when she left, I told her, ‘I just want to make sure you’ll be OK,’ and she was like, ‘I’ll be O.K.’ She swore to me at UCLA that she was ready for her new life, but I believe she said that because that’s what I wanted to hear

After Leaving Rehab Lindsay Resumed Partying

“After she got out, I started hearing things [about drug use.] She was having parties, and there was alcohol and stuff at her apartment.

Lindsay “Lives In A Fantasy Land,” Where She Didn’t Think A Line Of Coke Would Show Up

“She lives in this fantasy land, where she thinks, ‘A line of coke won’t show up in my system,’” says the source, adding that Lindsay could control herself, but doesn’t. “She has this sense of entitlement that rules don’t apply. I just don’t get it. It’s sad, more than anything else. She didn’t have to get high that night [that prompted the first failed drug test]. No one shoved coke up her nose. Anything could have been less worse than coke; even weed or taking a shot [of alcohol]. She had the world at her fingertips. It breaks my heart. When she went to jail, everyone was sort of hoping that was going to be it.”

The Amphetamine Adderall Isn’t The Culprit: Street Drugs and Alcohol Are

“I don’t quite get where this thing about the public thinking she’s like addicted to Adderall came from,” says the source of the prescription medication, which Lindsay supposedly takes for ADD, which the doctors at UCLA have said she doesn’t have. “The public kind of forgot she was a drug addict and alcoholic. The Adderall is not that big of a deal, as opposed to coke and alcohol. It’s like when she has a thousand things to do in one day, [Adderall] is helpful. It was never like she would take five Adderall in a day. She maybe would take one when she wakes up, and later in the day. When I heard she failed her drug tests, I knew she was going to blame Adderall.”

Lindsay Just “Doesn’t Comprehend” How Her Addiction Is Hurting Her Career

The source says, “She clearly knows that the offers aren’t rolling in like they used to. She used to get like 20 scripts a week, but there’s always a couple of deals coming in. She just thinks they’ll keep coming in. She self-sabotages herself, and I just don’t why. I don’t think she even comprehends it. She had the recipe for the comeback of a lifetime. You’d think she would be like, ‘Working is my high, and I don’t need drugs, but her addiction truly must be overpowering.’”
As for her current projects, “I begged her not to do [the film] Inferno [about legendary porn star Linda Lovelace], I didn’t think it’s the right thing for her to do,” says the source. “And with Ungaro [which hired Lindsay last year as a consultant, but eventually ended the deal], I don’t know what happened. The company was incredible to her, they gave her an amazing office with a view of The Eiffel Tower. I was like why don’t you stay in Paris and do your fashion thing, but she didn’t.”

Lindsay Is Clever At “Hiding” Her Drug Use

“The thing with Lindsay is that she’s good at hiding her drug use from people at large, but she’ll be open with her friends,” says the source. “If you confront her though about her drug use, she’s like ‘See ya later.’ Her friends can only ‘suggest’ things to her.” Adds the source, “Lindsay doesn’t have normal, good people around her,” says the source. “A lot of her so called friends just don’t care about her.”

—David Caplan