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Crying Babies 101: Before You Come Unglued, Try These Real Parent-Tested Tips That Will Save Your Sanity. Promise!

Tue, September 21, 2010 2:37pm EDT by Add first Comment

You think you’ve tried everything to make your baby stop howling, but here’s a handy list of suggestions from our BFFs at While they won’t help with colic, we recommend you try all these tips (although not at the same time!).

A baby’s cry is her first and primary tool to communicate her needs. She is wired to use it when she has a need or is uncomfortable. For the first few months of life, parents are trying to figure out the mystery of the cry — what does it mean, and what will make it stop?

Here are 21 things to try:
1. Feed your baby
2. Burp her
3. Wrap her snuggly like a burrito (leaving her face uncovered)
4. Talk soothingly to her
5. Play music for her
6. Change her position
7. Change her diaper
8. Check to see if she is too warm or cool
9. Hold her
10. Put her down
11. Put her to bed/sleep
12. Offer her a toy (for babies three months and over)

To read the rest of these tips, go to

Tell us: Do you have a quick trick for soothing a crying baby?