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EXCLUSIVE : Lindsay Lohan Could Be Going To Jail For 30 Days Or Much Longer Says Legal Expert!

Sun, September 19, 2010 6:27pm EDT by 7 Comments


To really get her career back on track following recent events Lindsay is going to have to finally get serious about her recovery by heading to rehab and getting out of LA! Not before her inevitable sentence however, which one lawyer says could be more than 30 days!

Lindsay Lohan‘s most recent setback due to her problems with drugs and alcohol have been well documented and, according to experts, this time she is going to have to get serious about her recovery if she wants to try and save her career! After failing her most recent drug test and most likely preparing to appear before a judge this week, Lindsay has hit a new rock bottom, even after the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital said she did not have an addiction problem.

LA based image consultant Michael Sands tells, “Lindsay really needs to get into rehab to understand the nature of her addiction issues.” He goes on to recommend the actress, “Take a year off and get on a program.”

While Lindsay’s problems are certainly her own, Michael believes that the adults in her life, and not just her parents, have also been hurting her chances at recovery. “UCLA did an injustice preaching she wasn’t an addict,” he explains in reference to their public statements about the nature of Lindsay’s addiction problems.

“This is like you have a football player who broke his leg and they put it in a cast, but the next day they’re taking off the cast and asking him to play quarterback. It is not going to work,” Michael tells us.

“People won’t support her and all her businesses will take a severe hit until she gets the necessary help … she’s just not bankable right now.”

Lindsay is also at a point where she could become a case of someone who cleaned up, like Robert Downey Jr., or someone who did not and met a more tragic end. “The judge should put her in jail for 30 days — just like Robert,” says Michael.

As far as her sentencing for testing dirty, Santa Monica criminal defense attorney and adjunct professor at Pepperdine University Steve Cron explains Judge Fox can assign any sentence he would like.

“He originally said he would give her 30 days if she tested positive, but he can give her as much time as he likes. He can also add community service or AA classes to the sentence.” What about rehab? “It might be hard because of what UCLA said, that she wasn’t an addict, but he could add rehab time.”

Those looking to be shocked however when Lindsay’s sentence is, once again, reduced should realize it has nothing to do with special treatment. “Most clients serve 25% of their sentence on average [for these violations] in Los Angeles County, and that’s simply because of overcrowding.”

Meanwhile, those photos of Lindsay heading to AA meetings and her Twitter apology are all for naught if she’s trying to impress the court. “The judge is going to say it’s too little, too late,” says Steve.

What do you think HollywoodLifers?

-Chris Spargo