LAURA SAYS: How Dare You Try To Rationalize Cheating On Your Husband, Leann Rimes?

Thu, September 16, 2010 3:34pm EST by 9 Comments

Nice try, Leann, but there is NEVER an excuse for infidelity!

I am pissed off. Leann Rimes has issued what seems to be a public apology for cheating on her faithful hubby of seven years, Dean Sheremet, with current boyfriend Eddie Cibrian, but her statement is so half-assed that I wonder why she bothered saying anything at all!

After telling Shape magazine that she “understood why people are disappointed in me, especially since I grew up as America’s sweetheart (which is totally debatable, by the way), and admitting, “I don’t think the way I did it was right”, the 28-year-old country singer completely killed her act of contrition by placing the blame elsewhere!

“It wasn’t a fulfilling marriage for either of us,” she said. “As [Dean and I] got older, we grew apart.”

Yeah…or you just couldn’t resist the adorable dimples and sexy butt of your Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian, Leann. It’s not hard to see the reason why your marriage crumbled!

When Leann says that she realizes “there are lessons in it for me to learn” and that she’s now finally “cultivating strength from rough situations”, I kind of want to slap some sense into her. The only lesson here is THIS, sister: cheating is wrong, wrong, wrong! Don’t try to rationalize it and admit that you made a mistake!

Although you’re now living with Eddie, 37, after finalizing your divorce in December, I’m pretty sure it sucks for Dean to see photos of the two of you cuddling, making out and acting like a big, old happy family with Eddie’s kids. Really, how dare you say, “”After going through this, I know I can face anything”?  That’s Dean’s line — don’t rob him of that, too.


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Posted at 9:58 PM on September 16, 2010  

i find it a little disturbing how she talks on twitter about doing family type activities and crafts with Eddie’s kids…kind of ew…like she is trying to take over the mom role ala single white female

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Posted at 6:06 PM on September 16, 2010  

i have a lot of thoughts about this, but haven’t read the article… what i’m first struck by from your synopsis is that it’s all about her- meaning, she’s trying to acknowledge that she wronged dean, but that’s only the half of it. does she acknowledge that independent of that, she was destroying something on eddie’s end by allowing him to participate in an adulterous affair? (i can’t remember if he has kids.) doesn’t sound like she’s owning anything on that side. the other thing i am struck by is that she seems very much in denial still, about her own bad behavior. good people do bad things sometimes- and when they do, it takes them a long time to wrap their head around something so uncharacteristic of themselves. she’s still trying to figure it out from her side and hasn’t even gotten to the other side of the equation. she’s got a long way to go… and most people figure she’ll get enough of a payback when he cheats on her anyway (if he hasn’t already). bottom line, i appreciate your annoyance, but i’m not ready to strike her down yet. she’s clearly still trying to process it all.

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nice one

Posted at 5:36 PM on September 17, 2010  

this is probably the best comment (yours gbtw) I’ve heard aobut htis whole situation period

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Posted at 5:15 PM on September 16, 2010  

Aleast she told how her marriage was – thats being open & honest to herself and her x-husband, sometimes the truth just hurts, and people dont want to hear it…..Leann & Laura both have a right to speak, but Laura, your remarks are just down right stupid……..

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Jack Smalls

Posted at 3:43 PM on September 16, 2010  

Hey JerseyGirlDV, you just called everyone else stupid for having their own opinion. Who’s stupid now?

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Posted at 3:39 PM on September 16, 2010  

You people are stupid. You’re criticizing Laura for having an opinion that she’s very well entitled to (and that is shared by MANY) instead of Leanne who destroyed multiple lives. Shes a disgrace, not because of what happened, but because of what’s happening now in the aftermath. If I were Brandy and had to see pics of this excuse for a woman all over the father of my children and twittering that her “boys” think shes so pretty I would have probably attacked the rat!!

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Posted at 3:09 PM on September 16, 2010  

get over it laura. some marriages ARE unhappy, and cheating is sometimes the only way for people to realize that they should get out of the marriage. and obviously cheating isn’t just black and white… she may be in the wrong, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a good reason to cheat. until you know the whole story, stop judging her.

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Jack Smalls

Posted at 3:05 PM on September 16, 2010  

EVERYONE cheats in Hollywood, why are you harping on her?

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Posted at 1:49 PM on September 16, 2010  

ya know, I don’t think she should get scrutinized for finally giving the world what we all wanted to know. Even though cheating is bad. She decided to tell the world what happened. I understand you don’t like it, but it’s kind of wrong to just flat out say that honestly. Now, if anyone of us regular people were to cheat, it wouldn’t be in a magazine. So, she went through alot. I still like her.

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