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Fair or Unfair? Is LeAnn Rimes Getting a Bad Rap as a Bad Stepmom?

Thu, September 16, 2010 12:54pm EDT by Add first Comment

Brandi Glanville is ticked off at LeAnn Rimes for not informing her that she took Brandi’s 7-year-old son, Mason, to the emergency room last weekend and she’s blasted the husband-stealing country singer as a “bad parent.”

While playing stepmom to Eddie Cibrian‘s kids, LeAnn Rimes apparently had to shuttle one of the kids to the hospital and neglected to tell their mom, Brandi Glanville, about the accident until after the fact. Is she violating the laws of co-parenting? Or is Brandy being a helicopter mom?

Over the weekend, LeeAnn 28, tweeted: “Flew home for 5 hrs to see Eddie [Cibrian] & the lil one’s and ended up in the ER! Everybody’s fine, just a minor kiddo accident. Boys will be boys!”

Brandi Glanville, Eddie’s ex wife, told E! News she was shocked she had to learn about the incident via Twitter — and not from LeAnn herself.

“All I know is I didn’t get a phone call,” she told E! News. “Poor choice. Bad parenting.”

Brandi added that she eventually found out her son had split his chin.

“I don’t know how exactly it happened, but Mason told me LeAnn had oil on her hardwood floors and he fell,” she said. “Eddie didn’t bother to call me and I showed up to Mason’s soccer game that day only to get a text from Eddie afterwards saying Mason wouldn’t be playing since he was in the ER all morning.”

Brandi also said that it wasn’t the first time her kids have been hurt while in LeAnn’s care. Her 3-year-old son, Jake, sustained an injury while playing on the singer’s tour bus.

“The last time they had the boys, Jake ended up getting seven stitches,” she said. “I had to call in a plastic surgeon to stitch up Jake’s forehead.”

LeAnn took to Twitter to defend herself against Brandi’s claims.

“The accusations in the article are disturbing and wrong,” Rimes tweeted. …”The truth in this is that Mason slipped and fell on WATER in our house. That’s the ONLY truth. If the story was researched properly, this “story” would have never been written… I’m usually silent when it comes to these articles, but this crosses the line.”

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