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EXCLUSIVE! Six Things You Never Knew About Singer Matt White!

Wed, September 15, 2010 10:00pm EDT by 1 Comment
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Check out one of our new favorite singer/songwriters, Matt White!

When we first heard singer/songwriter, Matt White, we couldn’t help comparing him to two of our favorite artists — John Mayer and Five For Fighting. With his soulful voice and classical piano training, the 29-year-old New Jersey native melts our hearts! chatted exclusively with Matt about his relationship with John Mayer, what he looks for in a girl and which celebrity he’s dying to meet!

Check out six things you never knew about Matt White!

  • My dream girl would be someone creative, and definitely someone who loves to laugh. I’m also a huge homebody and love to watch reality shows, so that would help. I was born in Jersey and love the Jersey Shore, as well as the Real Housewives series.

  • My friend John Mayer is an amazing musician, I think Continuum is one of the best albums in the last 20 years. He lives his life the way he wants to live it, but he lives in a fish bowl so everything he does is seen. I’m sure there are many things everyone does, that no one would want seen.
  • This album sort of takes a comical approach to the ups and downs of relationships. I have songs about therapy, and songs about the “honeymoon phase of relationships.” One of my favorite songs is “When I Fall.” There is also a song called “Sunshine,” which was when I was dropped from my previous record label — it is like getting fired, it SUCKS. But you pick yourself up and keep on moving.
  • I think Justin Bieber is an incredible talent. He is a multi-inturmentalist. I would love to write with him or for him or whatever. He and I are similar in that we both would sing for whomever, wherever.
  • I would love to meet Natalie Portman — I think she is an incredible actress, and has done so many different kinds of roles. Aside from that, she is incredibly smart and genuine with all her causes.
  • I have a lot of strange habits. Sometimes I walk around the streets of New York singing to myself in a very low voice and people often stare at me like I belong locked up. NYC has this rapid fire kind of vibe — cabs drive fast, and people walk fast, so it is a good place to be creative.