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'Teen Mom' Amber Is The New Kate Gosselin — She Treats Fiancé Gary As Badly As Kate Treats Jon! Do You See It?

Tue, September 14, 2010 11:13pm EDT by Andy Swift 78 Comments
Courtesy of MTV, TLC (inset)

Courtesy of MTV, TLC (inset)

Amber belittles Gary around baby Leah every second AND she can’t stop swearing — she’s like Kate Gosselin and Tiger Woods in one.

But Amber wasn’t the only Teen Mom acting bratty on the Sept. 14 episode. Farrah was being a total brat to her parents after they gave her a place to live and went out of their way to take her and her daughter to the zoo. Maci wasn’t bratty, but she was clueless. That boyfriend of hers is NOT smart and he’s definitely not worth moving for. As for Catelynn, I don’t have words for how much she’s my favorite Teen Mom. I wrote letters to each of the moms — read them, won’t you?

Dear Amber:

Gary is not ready to marry you. Don’t keep pushing him. Also, when baby Leah was crying and you slammed the door on her so you could get more sleep I lost all respect for you. You need to stop being so whiney. You’re starting to sound like your baby. AND you called Leah’s dad a “f*****g jerk” in front of her. He tried to get you to stop swearing, so you called him a “petty little b****h” and kicked him out! That’s Kate Gosselin and Tiger Woods behavior right there.

Dear Catelynn:

Sorry your mom went out of town and left you on your daughter Carly‘s first birthday. And watching you and Tyler talk to Carly over the phone and hear how much she’s growing was maybe the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen on this show. You’re my favorite Teen Mom couple.

Dear Farrah:

It sucks that you have to move to your mom’s renter house because you can’t afford another apartment. But she gave you a place to live, and then was really nice and invited you to the zoo. You could have been a little less of a brat when her and Michael’s car “blew a hose or something.” Then you were rude ALL DAY at the zoo.

Dear Maci:

Your new boyfriend Kyle is an idiot. After explaining how Ryan is taking you to court for custody of Bentley, Kyle responded, “It’ll be aight, dude. It’ll be aight.” You should not be moving to Nashville to live near him. He is a dumb-dumb.

— Andy Swift

COMMENT BELOW: What do YOU want to tell the Teen Moms after watching the Sept. 14 episode?