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Attention, All 'Arrested Development' Fans! You're Going To Love The New Fox Show, 'Running Wilde!'

Tue, September 14, 2010 6:20pm EDT by 4 Comments

If you’re a fan of Will Arnett’s crazy antics as magician George Bluth on Arrested Development, his new show is going to be your cup of tea!

Hey there, BFFs! I caught a sneak preview of Fox’s new TV show, Running Wilde, and I was totally left wanting more — it’s hilarious!

So what’s Running Wilde all about? It’s basically Romeo & Juliet with a twist: Will Arnett stars as spoiled trust fund baby Steven Wilde, who hits middle age and realizes that the one thing missing from his over-indulgent playboy lifestyle is love. Upon his shocking discovery that money can’t buy happiness, Steven enlists the help of his eccentric sidekicks to point him in the right direction. Eccentric? Hm….smells like Arrested Development part two to us!

Cue Keri Russell as Emmy Kadubic, Wilde’s childhood sweetheart, who now, as an environmentally conscious eco-activist, is his polar opposite. The sitcom is actually narrated by Emmy’s daughter, Puddle, who’s sick of living in the jungles of Peru and conspires with Wilde to bring her mom back to civilization.

So why did I like this show – and why will you?  The chemistry between Keri and Will is awesome — although their characters are from two radically different worlds, they have serious chemistry, and you want to root for them. The audience at LA’s Paley Center – which is where we were given a sneak preview of the show Sept. 13 -thought it was hilarious, as did I. Between battling to keep up with his equally rich neighbor over who can buy the smallest most expensive horse to paying $100 for fast food to awarding himself a humanity award just to receive the plaque, Steven Wilde’s complete ignorance of how the world works is guaranteed to keep you laughing.

Tune ins Sept. 21 for the show’s season premiere to see if this pompous prince will change his playboy ways to win the affections of his Amazon queen or to find out if she’ll be the one thing his money can’t buy. Trust, you’ll love it! Will creates a character similar to his Arrested Development role of crazy Bluth brother George, Keri has her first TV role since Felicity AND it airs right after Glee! What’s not to love?

Nicole Fukuoka

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