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‘Kate Plus 8’ Looks Like A 10! Here’s How To Get Her Rockin’ Bikini Body!

Tue, September 14, 2010 7:37pm EDT by Russ Weakland 9 Comments

Two celebrity trainers reveal how Kate Gosselin got her fantastic abs and svelte new shape!

Kate Gosselin’s bodyguard, Steve Neild, isn’t the only thing she brought along on her Mexican vacation! The 35-year-old mom of eight showed off her red-hot bikini bod Sept. 13 – and we are totally envious of her figure! So now, of course, we’re going to get it thanks to two celebrity trainers, who tell how to get slimmed down and toned up in time to say, ‘Ole!”

“Judging by her symmetrical lines, she most likely does interval training where she mixes high intensity sprints on an elliptical or versa climber,” Andrew FitzGerald, co-founder and performance Specialist for E3Sports, tells, adding that Kate is also combining her hard-core cardio “with full body strength training emphasizing core strength as well full body movements with external resistance.”

And yeah, we know Kate’s had some work done – but that isn’t all she’s doing to retain her slimline look. “A tummy tuck can help with a flat stomach,” FitzGerald says, “but a program design focusing on work capacity (cardiovascular fitness), compound exercises mixing upper and lower body parts, and regeneration work such as stretching or foam rolling can eliminate unwanted cellulite on the legs and but and create an overall toned appearance quickly!”

Still, looking good isn’t all about exercise, so don’t expect to see Kate tossing back the tequila during her Mexican romp. “She’s either a naturally thin person, or she’s on a pretty good eating program,” Howie Skora, the senior fitness manager of Gold’s Gym in Venice, Calif. tells us. “[Kate’s] face looks good – it doesn’t look like she’s drinking alcohol.” Skora explains that calories from excessive drinking show up in the face first, and drinking “makes it harder to build muscle because you can’t process sugar properly.”

Kate is totally killing it with her complete body makeover. If she isn’t dating her bodyguard, she should have a new man in no time!

Don’t trust us? The experts agree. As FitzGerald says, “Kate Plus 8? Looks like a 10 to me!”

–Russ Weakland and Anna Dimond

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