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'True Blood' Season Finale Shockers! The Secret That Could Break Up Sookie & Bill Forever Is Finally Revealed!

Mon, September 13, 2010 9:13am EDT by 5 Comments
Courtesy of HBO

Courtesy of HBO

Plus, the 12 most jaw-dropping moments that made this finale one of the best True Blood episodes EVER!

It was a night of major revelations and bloody good twists on the Sept. 12 season finale of HBO’s True Blood, and at the risk of sounding totally cliché, nothing will EVER be the same for the residents of Bon Temps! We’ve put together the 12 moments that kept our jaws on the floor throughout the hour — let us know which moments shocked YOU!

  1. Sookie (Anna Paquin) poured Talbot’s (Theo Alexander) bloody remains down the drain, laughing meniaclly while a sun-charred Russell (Denis O’Hare) screamed in agony. Seriously, this was a totally new dark side of Sookie we’ve never seen before!
  2. Crystal Norris’ (Lindsay Pulsipher) brother Felton (James Harvey) shot their dad Calvin (Gregory Sporleder) in the face — and killed him!
  3. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) started having visions: He saw Rene (Michael Raymond-James) choking Arlene (Carrie Preston) and Sam (Sam Trammell) with blood on his hands!
  4. Sam finally told Tara (Rutina Wesley) that he’s a shape shifter!
  5. Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) admitted to Lafayette that he’s a witch! Even better was Lafayette’s reaction: “You’re a witch… who’s a nurse… who’s a dude?”
  6. Tara cut her hair in an act of total defiance. But instead of looking like a mess, it came out voluminous and CA-RAZY!
  7. Bill (Stephen Moyer) tried to kill Eric (Alexander Skarsard) by burying him alive in cement!
  8. Hoyt (Jim Parrack) proposed to Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll)!
  9. Eric finally blew the lid off Bill’s big cover-up! As it turns out, Bill originally seduced Sookie and tricked her into drinking his blood so he could lure her back to the Queen (Evan Rachel Wood!) She wanted to feed on Sookie’s fairy blood!
  10. Sam shot Tommy (Marshall Allman!) Was it a hit?
  11. Sookie rescinded her invitations to Bill and Eric, banishing them both from her house! To add salt to the wounds, Sookie also called Eric a “f*****g dead piece of s**t.” OUCH!
  12. The final shocker: Sookie reunited with her fairy brethren (including Lara Pulver‘s Claudine) and disappeared in a flash of light! Where did she go?

So many ridiculous moments in one hour! Which one shocked YOU the most?