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Happy 23rd Birthday, Bella Swan! Here Are Our Top 5 Reasons For Loving You!

Mon, September 13, 2010 9:07am EDT by 6 Comments
Courtesy of Summit

Courtesy of Summit

Join us while we celebrate the life of Bella Swan – and tell us why YOU adore her so much!

Rejoice, BFFs! Today is Bella Swan‘s birthday! Just 23 years ago today, Sept. 13 (before she stopped aging and became a vampire, that is), Bella was born to Renee and Charlie Swan – and for that, we at are happier than Emmett Cullen at a lion-wrestling party.

So why are we rejoicing as much as Bella’s vampiric other half, Edward Cullen? Check out our top 5 reasons – and add your own!

  • If she wasn’t born, Edward would never have found his soulmate! The LAST thing we want is for Edward Cullen to be unhappy. He’s our fantasy man *cough* vampire.
  • We don’t have to feel so badly about being pale in the winter. Bella is even pale in the summer! Bless.
  • She’s  got two gorgeous hunks lusting after her! A dream fantasy, right? Bella is living our dreams!
  • Because she’s single-handedly keeping the whole mid-90s grunge, angsty Daria thing alive! Yeah, we said it. Muse who? Our Bella likes Nirvana!
  • Twilight wouldn’t have been Twilight without her. If any other girl pined that endlessly for a man, we’d want to beat our heads against the wall in frustration. Hello, women’s lib! But you knew Edward was ‘the one’ and risked everything for him. How’s that for true love?

PS, BFFs – we’re not the only ones who love Bella (aka Kristen Stewart)! In honor of her birthday, Summit Entertainment re-released The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Sept. 10! If that’s not a reason to party, we don’t know what is!

Now tell us , HollywoodLifers…why do YOU love Bella Swan so much?

— Laura Schreffler