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'90210' Season Premiere Scandal Count: 6 — Kim Kardashian Gets Called A 'Ho,' Someone Gets Killed & More!

Mon, September 13, 2010 10:01pm EDT by Andy Swift 4 Comments
Courtesy of The CW (3)

Courtesy of The CW (3)

What was YOUR favorite ridiculous scandal from the 90210 season three premiere? Vote here!

School’s back in session at West Bev — and the kiddies are more messed up and hopeless than ever! The Sept. 13 season premiere of 90210 proved one thing: This show is heading in the direction of pure ridiculousness and has no intention of turning back — and that’s why I loved it. Here are my 6 favorite scandals from the third season premiere:

1. Javier dies & Adrianna robs his dead body:

I’m not even making that up in the least bit. A totally-out-of-nowhere car crash kills Javier (Diego González Boneta) who I never even really liked in the first place. Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) steals his book of songs off his dead body to keep her own career afloat. I don’t even care what happens anymore, as long as Javier doesn’t ever come back.

2. Naomi becomes super slutty:

In an attempt to hide the fact she’s changed since she was raped by Mr. Cannon, Naomi gets drunk and throws herself at a guy. No wait, one guy AND two of his friends. At the same time. … Mr. Cannon, meanwhile, is Silver’s (Jessica Stroup) new advisor… and he’s creepily excited to be working with her.

3. Annie always has the worst first days of school:

Seriously, someone always hates Annie (Shenae Grimes) and literally tells her to go screw herself on day one. This year it’s Liam (Matt Lanter) who’s bitter that she didn’t call him all summer. But since she was on house arrest (she’s a killer!) he forgives her and they make out.

4. Ivy joins a family love triangle:

This is actually pretty gross too. Ivy (Gillian Zinser) is attracted to her possibly British friend Oscar (Blair Redford of Passions fame) who is actually sleeping with Ivy’s mom. Previews suggest Oscar’s going to try to connect the triangle. No one wants to see that.

5. Naomi calls Kim Kardashian… the b-word:

I’m not sure why 29-year-old Kim Kardashian would have a 17-year-old friend, but apparently she and Naomi are buddies. But when she and Khloé don’t want to sell her a Dash dress on layaway, she calls Kim a ho! And the b-word!

6. Silver thinks Teddy cheated on her:

Drunk, slutty Naomi throws herself at Teddy (Trevor Donovan) and Silver catches her in the act. Now she thinks he cheated on her, but little does she know (SPOILER ALERT!) he’s not even into girls!

This bananas premiere really set the stage nicely for a crazy dramatic season. Aside from the Kardashian catfight, which I assume was a one-episode occurance, these storylines all have me interested… for now. Which of these scandals will keep you tuning in next week?

— Andy Swift