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'Kate Plus 8' Ratings Are Plummeting! Girlfriends, Why Aren't You Watching?

Fri, September 10, 2010 3:18pm EDT by Chloe Melas 64 Comments

There was a ton of hype surrounding Kate’s single-mom reality show this summer, but now Kate’s barely holding onto her reality TV queen throne!

Kate Gosselin has a lot to be thankful for — but ratings is definitely not at the top of her list. TLC gave the reality mom-of-eight the lucrative opportunity to have her own show after she and Jon Gosselin called it quits. Despite the hype surrounding the show, Kate’s new spin-off Kate Plus 8 isn’t bringing in the numbers TLC may have hoped for.

The series debut of Kate Plus 8 brought in 3.4 million which was a very strong standing for a Sunday night special, but the second episode July 11 shot down 33 percent with only 2.2 million viewers. And the most disappointing news for Kate and her tots were the most recent TV ratings from the Aug. 30 episode. Ratings dropped yet again, and as it turns out, only 1.6 million people tuned in to watch Kate and her brood.

We’re guessing this is why Kate’s been dressing more seductively and gussying it up for the camera with super low-cut tops and stilettos. But even Kate’s “new look” isn’t garnering enough attention for the show. Back when Jon used to star on Jon and Kate Plus 8, each episode would average around 2 million viewers — and the infamous episode in which Jon and Kate finally announced their divorce brought in a whopping 10 million viewers!

Moms probably feel like they can’t relate to the former nurse anymore. Now that Kate’s been a diva on Dancing with the Stars, hired a personal bodyguard, and is dressing like a teen, mommies are being turned off. Kate definitely has an amazing life and we’d definitely love to be a Gosselin kid, but she better try something new before she’s a reality mom no more!

The big question is, what’s going to happen with her upcoming show, Twist of Kate — will TLC still air the show?

— Chloe Melas