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WATCH! There Was Even More Clawing, Hair Pulling & Punching On Last Night's 'Jersey Shore!'

Fri, September 10, 2010 10:23am EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment
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BFFs, Jersey Shore picked up right where last week’s shocking episode left off. We got to see the full-on fight between JWoww & Sammi!

Holy smokes, these Jersey girls know how to fight! On the Sept. 9 episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore, my mouth continued to hang open as it had during the credits of last week’s episode. Not only did I get to watch the full fight between JWoww and Sammi, but I got to watch as housemates pointed tried to blame each other for starting problems!

Here’s the deal: Sammi needs to realize that Ronnie IS a total scumbag, and he IS totally cheating on her! And JWoww needs to keep her WWE Diva ways to herself! Seriously, the fact that she thinks it’s okay to constantly threaten people with a “beat down” every single time someone steps on her toes is ridiculous!

After the fight dies down, the episode shows everyone sitting alone in their rooms shocked at what just transpired in the kitchen. But gets old fast, so they head to the beach where Pauly D hits on a girl who ends up having the largest cold sore EVER on her lip! So gross.

The rest of the episode continues with a night at da club, and then a bomb goes off when Vinny hooks up with Angelina! What?! That’s insane, because just minutes before she’s making fun of Vinny by saying it looks like he fell off the “ugly truck.”

Other memorable moments include: Snooki saying her life-long dream is to visit a nude beach, Snooki “smushing” with a random guy named Dennis and Angelina’s boyfriend telling her to call him “daddy.”

Tune in Sept. 12 for a special episode of Jersey Shore right before the VMA’s! We’ll be watching!

— Chloe Melas