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Does Your Kid Have The Back-To-School Blues And A List Of Complaints a Mile Long?

Thu, September 9, 2010 8:30am EDT by 1 Comment

It’s the special time of year that parents look forward to all summer and kids dread — back to school. If your child doesn’t think that this school year rocks, here’s how to deal with their 5 most common complaints.

It’s hard to know what’s worse, sometimes, the struggle getting your kids ready for the first day of school or dealing with their long list of complaints when they arrive back from their first day, complaining about everything from their teacher to their friends. But how should you deal with it?

“Switching from summer vacation to back-to-school mode is very difficult for children. Students tend to complain until they can get back into a healthy routine,” Diane Phillips, a Philadelphia-based school counselor, tells

According to Phillips, the 5 most common back-to-school complaints are:
1. I don’t have classes with any of my friends!
2. I hate my teacher.
3. I have too much homework.
4. I’m being bullied.
5. I’m uncomfortable in a uniform.

Do any of these found familiar? If so, Phillips has a few suggestions for helping your darling daughters and stellar sons become star pupils. “Teamwork and communication between the student, school staff and parents is of the utmost importance,” she says, adding that the best way to combat these complaints is to get creative. “Punishment is rarely effective, so it’s better to put a positive spin on the challenges your child is facing. Instead of calling attention to the students who may not be completing homework or wearing a uniform, give those children who are doing everything right verbal reinforcement or a small token reward.”

But when it comes to bullying, Phillips insists that the teachers need to be proactive about protecting their students. “Bullying is something that has to be taken very seriously so it is imperative that there is someone in every school building that students know has an open door policy and will listen without judgment,” she says.

So the next time your kid gets off the school bus with a list of complaints a mile long, sit down and listen to them, talk it out and if all else fails, remind them that that June is only nine months away!

–Amy L. Harper

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