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Hmmm! Suri Tells Katie Holmes What To Wear? Should A Child Be Your Fashion Dictator?

Tue, September 7, 2010 7:28pm EDT by Add first Comment

While appearing on Live! With Regis and Kelly on Sept., promoting her new film, The Romantics, Katie Holmes admitted to the world that Suri actually picks out her shoes before major red carpet events.

“Suri’s very helpful,” Katie shared. “I ask her which shoes to wear and she picks them out! Many times, I’ll be getting ready for an event and I’ll ask her what she thinks. She goes, ‘Definitely those.’ And she won’t let me leave unless I’m wearing what she wants me to wear. She has great taste and I want to make her happy!”

So let us ask you — Should 4-year-old Suri really be telling mom Katie, 31, what to wear?  Is Katie creating a little fashion dictator?  Should she really care if Suri is happy or not about her choice in shoes?  And let’s not forget, Suri is a little girl who personally owns at least 26 pairs of shoes!

According to Dr. Jeff Gardere, “I think it’s a good strategy to begin to empower her children. It’s really about Suri learning how to make some responsible choices. I wonder, if Suri wanted her to wear clown shoes, whether she’d wear them? Probably not, but that’s sort of an extreme example. Most people don’t ask their kids but I certainly think it’s an empowering strategy.”  Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D. agrees.  “By asking Suri for fashion advice, Katie seems  to be reliving her childhood, encouraging Suri to be creative, too.  It also seems like this is Katie’s way to rebel against any rules that are being set down for her to follow, since it would be harder for people to blame her if she is indulging Suri by following her advice.”

Let’s hope Katie turns to Suri for some style advice on clothing as well!  Katie’s choices in frocks lately have not been as fashionable as her Fashionista daughter, Suri!

– Princess Agra