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Hey, Bristol Palin! Here's Expert Advice on How to Camouflage and Get Rid of Your Cellulite!

Tue, September 7, 2010 6:13pm EDT by 1 Comment
Fame Pictures

Fame Pictures

We went straight to the experts to figure out how to help hide that bumpy skin!

There isn’t a woman alive that would want to be photographed with her cellulite purely visible and, poor Bristol Palin, it’s happened to her! The new cast member was spied leaving practice in exercise shorts, exposing an unfortunately uneven skin texture on her legs. Ladies, I feel badly for Bristol. She’s dancing as fast as she can!

I called celebrity fitness expert Dr. John Spencer Ellis (who does not work with Bristol) to ask about the dreaded cellulite photo. Could Dancing with the Stars help the young celebrity lose said bumpy skin texture? His answer: kind of, but not really. “Dancing is great exercise, but it doesn’t create enough resistance and structure to change the body. Dancing is kind of like running a 10k: it’s submaximal resistance over a long period of time, which is awesome exercise but it doesn’t supply enough resistance and pressure to really recreate the muscle structure to change the look and appearance of the skin and body enough to reduce cellulite.”

Could it help? “If she loses ten pounds of body fat, her legs will definitely look better, but she’ll need to add resistance training like squats and lunges in order to see any sustained change in the appearance of the area. It’s the key to seeing noticeable, sustainable changes when it comes to cellulite.”

As a Beauty Editor (and fellow female), I’ve got a suggestion for the young dancing star: vigorous scrubs paired with a generous supply of bronzer. Start out with a great scrub like Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish to invigorate circulation and help make the area a little more smooth. She might even try Bliss Fat Girl Slim, which uses caffeine to stimulate blood flow to unsightly areas and help make those areas a little more manageable. Follow with a great bronzer to make the area look more even, like Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel or even Michael Kors Leg Shine to Go, which rolls on in a stick AND smells amazing.

Bristol, hang in there. Ladies everywhere feel your pain and trust me, we all use these products to hide those little lumps and bumps!

— Kristin Booker

Cellulite, to some degree, is hereditary. I don’t think that she’s been under any regimented fitness program bfore S. Dancing is great exercise, doesn’t create enough resistance and structure to change the body. GFymnast body vs 10k runners – submaximal resistance over a time, not as much resistance and pressure to create a body like a gymnast. Some women are going to have it any way. If she loses 10 lbs of body fat, her legs will look better. The load is important – struggling against 10-12 rep rather than doing “
Dr. JOhn Spencer Ellis, noted celebrity fitness expert.

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